How to arrange flowers!

Perhaps you’ve been given a loose bouquet of stemmed blooms, or perhaps you’ve selected individual flowers. You wish to display them in an attractive arrangement and enjoy them, but beyond simply sticking them in a vase, how do create floral arrangements?

Getting Ready

1. Select and clean a vase or other display vessel. Try to match your vase to your flowers- tall stems in a tall vase, posies in a stout vessel. An interesting and well matched display vessel can serve to add visual interest to your arrangement and enhance the shapes and colours of your flowers. Remember that you can always cut your stems shorter should you wish; however, the reverse it not true!

2. Prepare your flowers. Trim one inch from the ends of stems (cutting at an angle is best) and remove any leaves that would be under water.

3. Prepare your water. Use room temperature water and add any flower food that you wish to use. If you have buds that still need to open, you can use warm water to encourage them.

Now you are ready to work with your flowers!

1. Begin to place flowers carefully into your vase with the largest and most dominant flowers in first as they will serve as the focus of the arrangement. Angle these key flowers to best showcase their shapes and to balance themselves within the arrangement. Adjust these blooms until you are satisfied, as it’s harder to rearrange them once you add in the smaller flowers.

2. Add the smaller flowers and then foliage to fill in gaps and to create a pleasing mix of colours and textures. This is of course subjective as to what is appealing, but often you can use photographic examples and copy off the ones that best suit your personal tastes. Flower arranging is a bit of a trial and error process through which you discover your own personal style, so don’t be afraid to test and try new things.

3. Lastly, Remove pollen stamens at the base to avoid petal discolouration as well as increase longevity of the blooms.