flowers for men

Question: Can I give flowers to a man? Do men appreciate flowers as a gift at all?

Newsflash: Men love to receive flowers! Just like women, men like to be recognised and feel special. Flowers for Men are a great idea!

Typical occasions for gifting men with flowers include birthdays, Fathers’ Day, Congratulations (including professional promotions), Get Well, Thank You, and Anniversaries. In general, men express preferences toward strong shapes, vivid colours (stay away from pastels) and natural vs. ‘busy’ styles, often enjoying exotic and contemporary arrangements.

Tropical or exotic flowers are bold in colour and shape and an excellent choice for men. Live plants (as long as they are easy to take care of!) are also popular gifts for men, for occasions such as birthdays and get well gifts. Gift hampers tailored to his interests with food and other goodies included are a great choice for congratulations, thank yous, and promotions. Sympathy and apology flowers tend to be more subdued while the more festive occasions create an opportunity for bright and exciting design.

Popular floral choices for men include orchids, peace lily, heliconia (wild plantain), iris, lupine, bird of paradise, or perhaps a bouquet of gerberas or sunflowers. Scent is also an important component, with mens’ preferences leaning towards the spicy, earthy, musky, candy, and fruity making blooms such as delphinium, lupine, roses, tulips, carnations, bluebells, and snapdragons all good choices.

Certain flowers are associated with certain meanings:

  • Alstroemeria – devotion
  • Bamboo – good luck
  • Chrysanthemums – friendship
  • Yellow roses – friendship
  • Daisies – loyalty
  • Red roses – romantic love – Suitable for Valentine’s Day

In terms of a presentation container, men tend to prefer modern and natural vases with crisp edges and without extensive design as opposed to curvier shapes. Flowers should be arranged simply ie. ‘less is more’; in a balanced, linear, or contemporary design that is not frilly or fussy.