A new baby is certainly a cause for celebration and a beautiful floral arrangement in honour of the birth is a welcome gift for the new mum. Some mums may appreciate receiving flowers while still in the hospital while others may prefer the chance to get home first. As much as you can, try to determine whether the mum is adjusting easily or if she’s occupied with other concerns so your gift can come at an opportune time for her. For a mum who is an allergy sufferer, consult with your florist for low-pollen options such as roses, carnations, lilies, and orchids, or consider other options such as balloons and soft toys.

In terms of blooms for the bouquet, roses are always appropriate as they signify feelings of love, both from you and also between the mum and her new bub. White roses represent innocence and purity while yellow roses promote joy and care (red roses are usually reserved for romance). You may wish to send pink roses for a girl and for a boy, roses can be dyed in blue tones.

If you’re so inclined, you may wish to include the birth flower of the appropriate month:

  • January – Carnation
  • February – Iris
  • March – Daffodil
  • April – Daisy
  • May – Lily
  • June – Rose
  • July – Larkspur
  • August – Gladiola
  • September – Aster
  • October – Marigold
  • November – Chrysanthemum
  • December – Poinsettia

Other options for newborn arrangements include carnations, soft and fluffy blooms that invoke feelings of joy, happiness, and celebration. Pink carnations traditionally represent a mother’s love, regardless of the gender of the child. If you feel carnations are old-fashioned for a particular mum, a modern variation could be gerbera daises which are available in many colours.

White lilies work well for newborns because of the association of white with purity and innocence. In general, lilies work well for a more sophisticated arrangement. Daffodils are another bright and cheery choice, representing new beginnings and new life. Flowers are also for the mum, so add colours that she may enjoy such as reds and purples. There are no hard and fast rules; you may wish to examine some samples from your florist then tailor your gift to the mum’s and your tastes.