Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day for lovers and what better way to express that heartfelt sentiment than with beautiful carefully chosen flowers? A romantic Valentine’s Day arrangement is designed to fill your home with vibrant colour and scent, serving as a delightful reminder of the giver and their thoughtful regard. It’s not just men who do the giving; women can gift a bold bouquet to a man as a pleasant surprise. If your sweetheart enjoys chocolates or wine, simply add them to your floral arrangement- maybe with a cuddly teddy as well.

And yet despite its common association with romance, Valentine’s Day is for other other expressions of affection as well, with half of all Valentine’s gifts being given to children. Other recipients could be your mum, aunt, or grandmother, all of whom would love to be remembered on this holiday. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day duties and neglect to celebrate and honour those who are most important to us. Valentine’s Day serves to remind us to set aside time to focus on the people we value in our lives and express that sentiment in a way that can be appreciated by the senses.

Traditionally, long-stemmed red roses are given to one’s sweetheart on Valentine’s Day to express deep romantic feelings. Both regal and sophisticated, roses feature soft petals, deep colour, and enticing scent. While you can’t go wrong with red roses, other blooms can also perform well in a Valentine’s Day bouquet:

Red and pink tulips are associated with fresh beginnings and are suitable for a new romance.

Tropical arrangements such as anthurium or orchids bring to mind far off locales such as Hawaii, Brazil, and the Amazon, adding an exotic touch.

The yellow petals and open face of sunflowers symbolizes the sun itself and conveys feelings of warmth, happiness, adoration, and lasting love.

A bouquet of multicoloured Gerbera daisies is a fun way to say ‘I admire you’ and ‘you make me happy’, while a red Gerbera expresses your love.

Lilies are both elegant and bold; a Mini Calla Lily is a delicate choice that represents purity while a Red Peruvian Lily mixes red petals with a hint of yellow with red symbolising romance.

Pink carnations are representative of a mother’s love and are frequently a budget-friendly choice.

A unique gift to one’s male partner could be a small potted succulent, such as aloe, cacti, or sempervivum. These are easy to care for and can last for months, inside or outside.

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