Corporate Flowers


A stunning floral display adds both a professional touch as well as a personal one to any corporate occasion event. A carefully designed and well-placed floral arrangement tie your event together, enhance the event’s image, and makes everything seem well-organised and welcoming because of the aesthetics provided by the flowers.

Flower Arrangements for Corporate Events

Flowers on Oxford specialise in floral arrangements in major corporate events and can confidently ensure that your function will be a great success made even more special by our beautiful flower decorations. Flowers can be cost-effective way to add colour and personality to your venue, as opposed to other decorative accessories. Flowers also send a message that you care and wish for your guests to enjoy the space you have created for them.

Flowers on Oxford are proud to have been given the opportunity many times to create beautiful corporate arrangements for a variety of functions of various sizes and in many different venues. Our team of international designers have the experience to understand your needs as well as any budget constraints and provide a quality and attractive product based on your desires.

Flower Delivery in Air-Conditioned Courier Services

Our flowers are delivered by a professional courier in air-conditioned vehicles so that your flowers will remain fresh and on-time. Our professionals will arrange the flowers on-site at your event, after careful consultation as to how you’d like them presented and your overall vision of the event.

Floral Arrangement for Office Reception Area

Flowers on Oxford can transform your reception area or your office space and create a custom impression through use of flowers. We also can deliver arrangements to an office as a corporate gift, with special care given to be sure your intended impression is correctly conveyed. We can even match your corporate colour scheme in most cases!

We offer including corporate flower arrangements for trade displays, table arrangements, and large functions and much more. Then, please contact us on 1800 262 733 or book an appointment.