In addition to our beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements, Flowers on Oxford also offers a variety of live plants able to be delivered according to your desires. As beautiful as a vase of flowers is, it won’t last past a few days. A live plant is an excellent gift to last longer for the recipient and will serve as a daily reminder of your sentiment.

Because it is longer lasting than a floral bouquet, a plant can be a very personal gift, as the recipient will know you mean this gift to bring them continued joy. As with all our products, we are able to assist you in making the right selection.

Some of our popular live plant choices are chrysanthemum, cyclamen, anthurium, kalanchoe, and phalaenopsis orchids. Our live plants are carefully tended to be in excellent shape at time of delivery. All selections are easy to take care of and will have blooms for several months. Plants may remain in their included pot indoors or be re-planted outside.

A plant is always suitable for any special occasion, and is well appreciated because it will last longer than a cut flower arrangement. Because of its longevity, the gift of a plant is recognised for its thoughtfulness and personal touch.

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