Flower Care


If you like your blooms to last, good fresh flower care will keep your flowers looking their best for several days. There are many myths out there… such as adding sugar to the water (which does not help by the way). Here are our guaranteed ways to keep your flowers living longer.

Our fresh flower care tips
If the flowers are arranged in florist foam, simply top the container with clean water daily, taking care not to overfill.

For cut flowers, trim the stems diagonally 2cm from the base then place them in a container with clean water. Remove any leaves that will be underneath the water level as they contain bacteria which will spoil the water.

Clean the vase with a small drop of bleach, this also prevents bacteria growth.

Position your flowers away from draughts, direct heat, and sunlight. Do not place flowers on heat generating devices, i.e. televisions and microwaves.

Remove dead blooms if other flowers in the display are still alive.

Flowers on Oxford guarantees all of our arrangements. Should you follow these flower care instructions and your flowers are not in a satisfactory condition between time of delivery and 48 hours, please contact us so we may replace them.

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